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you're the prettiest thing i've ever seen, always will, always have been. <3 - &-/.-[IAmHollywood] [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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you're the prettiest thing i've ever seen, always will, always have been. <3 [Sep. 18th, 2005|06:55 pm]
[&--.[Speak |ditzyditzy]

sigh. louie = cuntface.
okay! now that that's out of my systemmm. yesterday = awesomeness. hawhaw, oh yeah, i scrounged a full bottle of vodka from jess & her friends. like, woah. haha i'm cool....
so yeah blah blah blah i didn't stay at newcastle for long cos i went to temple park for thee band thingy aaaaaaand idiocentric HAD TO PLAY EFFIN' LAST...didn't they? eeh...well whatever, i wasn't gunna boo them 'cause they're good. i cried at 'favourite boy' though. i knew all the words. -sigh- louie you're such a shatfag. why can't you just fucking talk to me?
haha so yeah. i cheered up though 'cause we went dropping people off at their houses && stuffs. and mark is awesome. "your daddy fucked a wotsit!" haha eee. so yeah. i talked to bailey too, so we've decided that we're gunna talk a lot more from now on. hurrah for me! ...and bailey!
-jives- then we walked ALL the way home and then i nearly died. my legs and feet and everything were just like..f;oeughuyh. so i felt like i was dying or something.
which i wasn't, by the way, if any of you were interested to hear.
and todayyy...
omg i woke up at 9:15!! can you believe it? i can't. i was like, woah, real shocked. i've also taken my expander out. cos i couldn't sleep last night cos of the pain. so yeah, i'm gunna expand my other ear when i leave school. far easier, aye.
what else..? oh yeah we went to the skatepark and got bored aaaaaaaand my blister got worse. bastard converse...aand i talked to elise about quinny.

in fact, i'm gunna rant on about how i feel for him for a change.

'i was drunk'--fuck that bullshit. 'kay? lame excuse mister, i think you'll find that if you did actually forget all of what happened you wouldn't just randomly remember a week back, now, would you? i think not. 'i dunno what to say but i don't want to ruin our friendship' -- and what friendship do we actually own? not a lot, well yeah, we are friends, but we're not actually best friends. quinny i want you to know that this is fucking tearing me apart. just be straight with me instead of making up excuses, because trust me, i don't buy them. not one fucking bit. what else is there to say? loads more that i can't put into words. i'm not going to say that i love you because i don't. i just really really like you and if you could just see, i'd be happy.
i'm done.
who thinks i should send him an e-mail telling him EXACTLY how i feel etcetera? i may have told him that i already like him and stuff but i need him to talk to me about it.
i'm merry.
I love it.