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i've got a lovehleh bunch o' coconuts! *du du du dum!* [Sep. 9th, 2005|10:09 pm]
[&--.[Speak |crazycrazy]

there they are all standing in a rowwwwww!! that songs been stuck in my head forever, well, since like, 5 this evening. and it's only 10 past 10...-ponders- eeghgrhgr.
okayyyyyy! soo. what did i do today? oh yeah, get effin' soaked. =/
i had maths first lesson, it was shat, well, it's not THAT bad, it's just sooo boring. now we're doing percentages! *ohmy,howfun* --like we've never done it before. eeh. oh well, at least i haven't got a horrible teacher. =/
then i had DOUBLE ART! wooo! haha, nobody knows how fab gnvq art is unless you do qnvq art. so hawhaw. aaand..yeah. mr lynch is the bestest art teacher ever, in the whole of the world. we will diasagree, or, i will disagree, to differ, if anyone dares 'prove me wrong'. you can't.
i'm not making much effin' sense.

mike is being rather mean. i don't think he'll buy lots of stamps to send me a shirt.
icba to update.
but i thought i should to an extent. cos like. yeah.
ohmmm. i miss my rob. :*(

*omg how great is that smiley? CRAZY SMILY!*

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(no subject) [Sep. 8th, 2005|06:12 pm]
[&--.[Speak |hyperhyper]
[AndDestroy.__ |ritchie hawtin]

wow. year 10 is like, fab. haha. but i feel quite deprived of harton technology college bags and free pencil cases with stuff in. yes. damnit, when i was younger, you had to buy them yerself! WHY NOT NOW?! eyy?
and now if you have trainers on in school they actually give you a pair of shoes that they (being the school) bought. though i'm guessing by the amounts of ppul who wear trainers in the first place, chances are they're all gone and only have sizes 2 left or something. so you know. they pay millions to buy bags & shoes & computers but they don't even buy new equipment for the gym & that. not that i'm arsed, i only do p.e once a week now anyway.
and today mishtar varley knocked the computer off the desk. but when the technician came, he said that 'the monitor just wouldn't work' --yeah right. haha. woo we got to wire a plug today, goodness it was SO fun. -rolls eyes- i know christie is probably jealous that he's my teacher, but only for the end of this module, so yeah. :B
hawhaw. goodness me!! i have gnvq art!! yayyy! -happy- and i got a level 7 in my english SATs so i'm quite happy about that. and because i'm so good at english and i got a good marks in the Silly Assessment Tests, my mommeh said i can get na 'urcut!! -happy- YAY!! haircut for meeeeeeee. -jives- damn. it's gunna be really rad hair and everyone will like, worship it. oh yeah.
i'm really quite tired. i was writing before, 'cause i lost thee other story. -sob- and i miss annnnnanananana. i also need to still talk to quinny, i don't feel so bad about it anymore, chances are it'll creep up on me again, but y'know. i don't have to worry about that anymore.
i feel like dancing but i'm too tired. these past couple of nights have been restless, i dunnaw what's going on but i just cannot sleep until about 3 hours after going to bed. it's SHAT.
bored now, probably update later, if there's anything of interest...or if i can be arsed.
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(no subject) [Sep. 7th, 2005|09:27 pm]
[&--.[Speak |pissed offpissed off]

aaaaah. okay. i'm a little more motivated to update this thing. arghfghejgyr. apologies to the ppul on msn but quite frankly i cannot be arsed to type. at all. and now my dads getting all fverjhdgvureg over FOOTBALL. i hate football. why the hell do ppul make a big fuss of it anyway? argh.
&& now i've been told to shut up? k
eeh. fucking football.
anyway, i'm all SHATTY anyway because i'm getting a COLD and wekhgvjthfgb. pissy moood.
yes i'm aware i've been keyboard mashing lots.
my throat hurts. lots. and my nose is all...cold-like. fucking. GRR.


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sock! [Sep. 6th, 2005|09:42 pm]
[&--.[Speak |blahblah]

i think i'm getting a cold. and i want to diiieee. no, lawl, i don't. todays been, uh, quite a long day actually--I GOT A BELT! -happy- it's a small but it still fits so rawr. =]
i had a talk with steven too, who also kindly fixed my computer chair with a sock. i think today may have been sock-day--i found a little pink baby sock on the ground in my street--tis my new friend. anyway, the talk i had with steven, it's made me all thinky thinky and stuffs, which lead to another thing...it's doing my head in.
it's weird, i don't wanna be in a relationship but how i'm going on it seems the complete diverse. damnit.
OWELL! i'm fecking sick of my nose now. T_T just. argh. and my throat hurts and like, rahtugeryhgrh. yeah, just like that. i'm scared to cough in case the skin in my throat sorta just..asplodes. and now flies are attacking the screen in a really violent manner. bastards.
gblvrjdfhnhbjrt. schooool tomorrow...i can have a bit of a lie in though, we gotta be in at ten--for all the little shits getting used to the school, gah-i mean the year 7's.
-rolls eyes- 2 more fucking years at that place

going now. gunna tell justin how much i love him more. haha.
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i've got a big fat fucking bone to pick with you, my darling [Sep. 6th, 2005|02:08 pm]
[&--.[Speak |complacentcomplacent]

frum da da dumdum! how very fun. -rolls eyes- i'm uber bored, waiting around is no fun. nope. mrrf....i'll be going to newcastle shortly, i think. maybe. who knows. i'm effin' boiling. it's just, not healthy. -dies of the heat waves-
anyway. i'm all nice and clean and showered. i spent ages attempting to get the mascara off, as i was drnk last night, and sorta...fell asleep. so yeah, then i realized that it was waterproof, what a fool i am.
hmmm..something has just popped up. i think that..someone is on my dads msn. on the shit msn, hmm. detective chloe is on a mish. oh aye.
i forgot why i was updating now.
'kay well i'm nearly ready soooo...
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oh does it show, i wanted to catch you f a l l i n g [Sep. 5th, 2005|12:14 pm]
[&--.[Speak |crazycrazy]
[AndDestroy.__ |nirvana - lithium]

dumdeedum!! i'm uber bored. i've been awake for like, a while. i thought that my momlet was only teaching at lowfell until 11, i was obviously mistaken, as it's now 12:15. owell. when she gets in i'll be all like ROARRR and i may even have clothes on. as opposed to pyjamas. -looks around- yeah.
yesterday was quite fun, i have a name tag now too! =D from happy meals, hawhaw. <_< i have 4 of THE DOG toys. haha, i'm not collecting them, but it's just weird how i haven't got two of the same yet. i don't have mcdoogles much anymore but shh.
203 music files on this computer, haha. i didn't realise. i did have like, over 1000 on my laptop. =/
anyway, harhar. i'm gunna get my hair cut, once i get money, aye. i know exactly how i want it, see. i'd draw a picture on paint but i cba because i'm a lazy fuck. :)  ohmmm. yeah things are all like, disapoof with hamster. =/ ha. that lasted. =\ i dunnaw if i should be bothered because he's a whore anyawy. besides, i still think i like quinny but that's SHAT because i know that he's not ever gunna like me, like, ever. so yeah. well, whatever; i can still effin' like someone. 'KAY?! thnx.
so effing bored but hyper. OOO there's melissa!! she said that she needed to tell me something. if it's something i already know i'll be upset. haha.
my ear is in quite a lot of pain, mishtar damien gave me a 10mm expander on saturdayyy. so yeah. when i got home i cleaned it all up and then was like RAAH. so now it's no longer 8mm. hawhaw. and if they try and take it off me at school i'll eat them. like. NOM.
i've been writing this journal entry for like, ever. but now it's gunna take longer 'cause i'm talking to melissa about stuffs. STUFF THAT NOBODY HERE NEEDS TO KNOW.
i'm me again. like. really. haha. =/ oh sorry, i'm not because i'm not in the 'everything needs to be black' phase. -rolls eyes-. i'm sure some ppul might get that? ...maybe. ..i'll shh now.
no i effing won't.
i've nothing better to do than ramble on anyway. i think momlet is back. or maybe not. i dunnaw. =/ oh. someone is.
gunna go.
'cause momlet is back and i have a coffee and and and i'm gunna go in le shower.
toodle pip!
xoxoxo <3

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desperado aint got no shit on me! [Sep. 4th, 2005|12:43 pm]
[&--.[Speak |bouncymerryyyy]

going out soon though. with mishush ashley and mishush hayleigh, yargg. still have a laugh without mishtar jayne though. i hope. -le sob- hawhaw, i said that she probably had to go to church but then i realised church service is probably over. so ashley suggested booster church classes.
ohemgee. i've had this coffee for god knows how long and it's still not cool enough. T_T aahrghtrhjgbkjghbkjh..
i'm getting like christie.
i've no good reason to update. i love you all the same christie. but seriously. it's your fault.
i'm still deciding what shoes to wear. my old converse are all knacky and stuffs but my newish ones give me blisters like, woah. and i wanted to wear my dm's but like, no. and i dunnaw about my axis or my vans. and i'm not wearing big fuck off shoes like my swear or new socks.
old converse it is.
'kay. i'm done now.
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arghff [Sep. 3rd, 2005|11:38 pm]
[&--.[Speak |cheerfulcheerful]

ohmygod. can you effing believe it? i'm back to school on wednesday. i've WASTED THESE HOLIDAYS. as pissing usual. -sigh- i ought to be ashamed of thyself. but i'm not, harhar.
today was uber fun, aye. i actually...got drunk!! =O like, when don't i? *dundundunnn* i talked to FRIEND too. FRIEND being andyro0. hawhaw, yessum; twas fun indeed. then rara attacked my skipping ropes. rara is ve'eh fun, yush. <3 i'm uber bored. i can't even remember much of today, i do know that i made lots of new friends, aye.
the whole thing with hamster, i think it might actually be over and stuffs, but i don't really know. so uhm. hawhaw!!! haha. i'm so mean. owell.
this entry is like, just...full of random words and sayings, i think it's because i'm far too lazy to think of something even half intellectual to say.
...hummm...i *might* be going to stagedoor on monday. maybe.

Bored now...gunna goooooooooooo

Justin said he's going to Newcastle.
so, right, nobody knows that i'm going to stalk him.
ilu justin. <3

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(no subject) [Sep. 2nd, 2005|02:36 pm]
[&--.[Speak |boredbored]
[AndDestroy.__ |tainted love - my ruin]

ffs. haha, yeah. this is shat. :| i shouldn't really get drunk then fuck about, 'cause it's happened before and it all ends up in shit. =/ sounds mean but i'm really not in the mood for relationships, they make me feel tied down. i just wanna have fun. this time last year i'd be saying something completely different. but people are just ARSES.
-sigh- well, whatever. idk if i come across as a bitch, i just wanna be happy with myself, then i can start thinking about stupid things like relationships. aye. if ppul don't like that then a big fuck you.
on a lighter note!! it's saturday tomorrow, which also means...THE GREEN.
hopefully i'll be all happy & stuff. cba with feeling shat. see if anyone is willing tew buy alcohol. effing hope so.
argh i'm bored. and the o key keeps sticking. =| haha it's pissing annoying.
i love this song *tainted love--the my ruin cover* ~ yeah it almost makes me cry, 'cause of before. yeah. yasmin knows, as does anna & sawah. dunnaw who else. it's all okay now though. <3 i'm so glad he didn't go.
ilu justin.

dumdeedum. bored now. =| in fact i've always been bored. so i guess i should go get dressed now. wash my hair tew, save time tomorrow morning. i'm gunnabe going to bed a bit earlier tonight, so i can actually wake up tomorrow.

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i'm the damn raddest skater, yo [Sep. 1st, 2005|09:46 pm]
[&--.[Speak |moodymoody]

aye. i've been skating! hawhaw, skating for me just means standing on a skateboard and dancing, shouting 'I CAN SKATE!!'--the only reason why i was actually standing on it so i could be tall. oh yeahhh, i'm so cool. teehee, i saw dan the smell today. and he got scared. and ran away from me. but i found him again. hawhaw. <_<
hum. i'm feeling really shit now. dunno why...i wanna go to hull tbh.
it's shit here, and i know that hull probably is too, but i like it more there than here atm. bleghh. i'm getting pissed off with myself. -grumble-
ahaaa ;_; this is shat. fucking hell, i was fine before, maybe it's 'cause i'm sick of this house...for a moment, just before, i convinced myself that i wanted to live with my mam...why? idk....


maybe i'm just tired, and a little hungover still. and...other stuff.



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