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13 July
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You got me feelin' hella good, so let's just keep on dancin'.


Am called Chloé.

Am fourteen years young.

Am a camera whore.

Am also obsessed with Thrice.

Love Leopard skin print.

Am happy with how I look/act *most the time*.

Probably don't care what you think of me.

Draw & write & sing a lot.

Suffer from memory loss.


Want an uber cool stalker.

Want my sunglasses to be fixed.

Want shorter hair at the back with bits of bright pink in.

Don't ever wanna grow up.

Am a rockstar~~Without the effing quitar, biatch.

Probably wannabe a gangstah, 'cause it's what all the cool kids are doing, right?

Am owned by Rob~~It even says I am on my name-tag, bitches.

Don't actually use capital letters much.

Am an HTML Whore & Internet Junkie.

Am not a typical teenager.

Think that I am the next Oscar Wilde.

Want to be called Eleanor Rigby--Just because I can.

Like Good Charlotte. So shoot me. Bitch.

Am getting bored now.

Will leave this now.