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(no subject) [Oct. 4th, 2005|08:39 pm]
if i have to do this i will.


or something like that

add it.
i dont want to ramble about shit anymore.
i could delete them but every entry has relevance to quinny.
fair enough i like him
i'm sick of tlking about him.
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rar rar rarrrrrr [Sep. 28th, 2005|07:41 pm]
[&--.[Speak |contentmerry]

stevens web browser won't let me use thee rich text thang. lalalaaaa. so yeah. steven is straightening his hair. woooo grapes. blagjehg erbjthgr. bored now. not. =/ WOOO! still need to talk to shatfag quinnifer. =/
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i've got a big fat fucking bone to pick with you my darling.____ [Sep. 28th, 2005|04:46 pm]

i love him.
hummm today was shat at first but citizenship cheered me up lawts, aye. so umm..yar. i cba to go on about today cos it was pretty boring and not worth rambling on about.
...quinny ist mean. brimer says taht he should be lucky that i want to start seeing him and that quinny is a goon. which he is but all for different reasons. argh. i still love the cunt though. *i'm such a loserface*
so now i'm writing something...directed to him. whether i'll give it to him or not is another thing. cos the question which springs to mind is 'will he care?' -- who knows. blaah. going out tonight though :D aaajajaja. aye. woo!! -dances-
i soo can't be arsed to update.
or do the profile on my vf.
i wanna write.
or even more. i wanna sing loads...i'm in a singing mood -nods-

it's okay i'll get sean to show me where you live.
then post 'you smell really nice' cards.


other than quinny i'm fab

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no-one else will do [Sep. 27th, 2005|05:09 pm]
[&--.[Speak |happyhappy]
[AndDestroy.__ |drama queen - horror pops]

and i'm gunna break quinnifers other hip. :) becos he's ignoring me. :) and i told sophie to tell him i loved him when i was like real down in the dumps. and the twat says he knows. =/
no i said i really liked him. though it was on my msn name. eh. IT COULD HAVE BEEN SOMEONE ELSE. ...maybe.
today = boring
i have a bad throat.
i thought i'd update before i got to the ampitheatre buuut i'm lazy and i cba.

gunna make a vf.

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i disgrace myself in the mirror [Sep. 25th, 2005|01:50 pm]
[&--.[Speak |hyperhyper.&&.tipsy]
[AndDestroy.__ |thrice - send me an angel]

well hello there ppul!! i'm in a very good mood today and i'm gunna break quinnifers skateboard. hawhaw. yes. yes i am. i really really like him though, like, more today than ever. <3
okay. anyway, i might seem to go on about him but i can't help it, despite the fact it's been a million months now. dum dee dum. yesterday was shat, like, really shat; all boring and stuffs. then we went to the beach and made a FIRE which was also shat. so yeah. then i woke up real early today :O like, 8. but i got up at like, half 9 or something, and i feel quite tipsy. i think it's cos i didn't have much yesterday, and today. eeh. nothing today? haha owell.
my mommah and muh step-daddeh come to shields today :B hawhaw, and then i go to hull soonies, methinks. iuhknow really. -jives- i dunnaw what to type about today. lalalaaa. oh i know.
yesterday. i'll tell you about my amazing walk. =B we (we being kim, emma, scotttttt && chris) walked to kims from chi, kim lives on mowbray road, by the way. then scotts daddy crashed on le motorbike so he had to go home, his dad is all okay though, just broke an arm. eeh..so we walked him to chi from kimothys. then from chi we walked to le beach and theeeeeennn we walked home. -twitch- my feet were all achy hurty && stuffs. poor feet.
eeeh...so yeah. i'm kims khlowala bear :B
steven better answer his fickin' phone soon like. grrr. :B
gunna go.

probably type in here later cos i'm hXc and cool like that, yo.


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NOMMMMMMMMMM [Sep. 23rd, 2005|06:31 pm]
[&--.[Speak |optimisticmerrryyy!]
[AndDestroy.__ |ritchie hawtin]

welllll rawr.
hawhaw, today = fun. art = awesome. i love art. mr lynch is rad. i don't think that many ppul in muh art class actually need to be taking this course, like samia, i mean, no offence but she's like..not very understanding of this whole art thing. i'm not exactly a 'swot' or anything but i mean; christ.
ANYWAY. i've got an english assignment to do. maths homework. and art work to do. yay. and probably more but i don't care about that. aye.
omgggggg maths is shat and i hate it. sarah ironside = uber canny. we just don't know our times tables. hawhaw. eeeh..art..as i said, was awesome. science was okay and mister varley had to set up our circuit because me and katie don't know anything. but he did it because we figured it out ourselves yesterday. yayy :] and then yeah. he's uber canny, i don't pure geet love him or owt like christie, but he's way canny. aye. <3
AND ENGLISH was rad. i told mrs bates i got attacked by a toothbrush this morning. lol. she likes my in the life in a day of assignment thing though. I GOT AN A!!! YAYYY
i'm so happy.
aaaand walking home was so fucking funnnny. hahaha. i've not laughed so much in a while.
christie & jamie = radness of the universe. <3
and that was a reakl short entry but i'm going soon.
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you're the prettiest thing i've ever seen, always will, always have been. <3 [Sep. 18th, 2005|06:55 pm]
[&--.[Speak |ditzyditzy]

sigh. louie = cuntface.
okay! now that that's out of my systemmm. yesterday = awesomeness. hawhaw, oh yeah, i scrounged a full bottle of vodka from jess & her friends. like, woah. haha i'm cool....
so yeah blah blah blah i didn't stay at newcastle for long cos i went to temple park for thee band thingy aaaaaaand idiocentric HAD TO PLAY EFFIN' LAST...didn't they? eeh...well whatever, i wasn't gunna boo them 'cause they're good. i cried at 'favourite boy' though. i knew all the words. -sigh- louie you're such a shatfag. why can't you just fucking talk to me?
haha so yeah. i cheered up though 'cause we went dropping people off at their houses && stuffs. and mark is awesome. "your daddy fucked a wotsit!" haha eee. so yeah. i talked to bailey too, so we've decided that we're gunna talk a lot more from now on. hurrah for me! ...and bailey!
-jives- then we walked ALL the way home and then i nearly died. my legs and feet and everything were just like..f;oeughuyh. so i felt like i was dying or something.
which i wasn't, by the way, if any of you were interested to hear.
and todayyy...
omg i woke up at 9:15!! can you believe it? i can't. i was like, woah, real shocked. i've also taken my expander out. cos i couldn't sleep last night cos of the pain. so yeah, i'm gunna expand my other ear when i leave school. far easier, aye.
what else..? oh yeah we went to the skatepark and got bored aaaaaaaand my blister got worse. bastard converse...aand i talked to elise about quinny.

in fact, i'm gunna rant on about how i feel for him for a change.

'i was drunk'--fuck that bullshit. 'kay? lame excuse mister, i think you'll find that if you did actually forget all of what happened you wouldn't just randomly remember a week back, now, would you? i think not. 'i dunno what to say but i don't want to ruin our friendship' -- and what friendship do we actually own? not a lot, well yeah, we are friends, but we're not actually best friends. quinny i want you to know that this is fucking tearing me apart. just be straight with me instead of making up excuses, because trust me, i don't buy them. not one fucking bit. what else is there to say? loads more that i can't put into words. i'm not going to say that i love you because i don't. i just really really like you and if you could just see, i'd be happy.
i'm done.
who thinks i should send him an e-mail telling him EXACTLY how i feel etcetera? i may have told him that i already like him and stuff but i need him to talk to me about it.
i'm merry.
I love it.
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i'll be your b i g g e s t m i s t a k e [Sep. 16th, 2005|06:15 pm]
[&--.[Speak |bouncybouncy]

Holy Moly. My eyebrows are effin' killing, and I've only just started to pluck them. OhMyGOD. Well, not just start, I did it like, aeons ago, but considering it's been that long they've all grown back and they're out to get my face. Ow ow ow.
Owell, I'm sure I'll get over it, and after a long think and talk with myself, onwards with a new e-mail address. Why? Because I said so.
This entry is going to take forever to write 'cause I've been drawn to more interest from my eyebrows than anything else, apart from the alcohol. So yeah...
Anyway, after trowling through my day at school, I go to my nanas' and then BOOM I have £15. So there's a good pat on the back for me. So now I have more money so I can get alcohol before I go see the bands tomorrow, yayness on a stick! Aye. And I think I have change, it's all good.
So now all that needs to happen is that Steven should come online. But looking at the time it won't be for a while yet. It's like, real early. I can't believe it, I thought it was way later. Owell.
I was looking at my arms today, and to say I've been to Mauritius, it certainly doesn't look it, I know I got back at the very end of July, but my tans like, totally washed off. So my mahagony hue I worked to achieve has totally gone. Oh no sorry, I was white as paper. White paper specifically. That had a non-existant tan. Despite two weeks on the beach.
Ohmm. So now I'm bored.
And I need to finish plucking my eyebrows. Or else. =/ I'm gunna be going out soon-ish. So I best shuffle.

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tonight i'm gunna give you all my love in the b a c k s e a t [Sep. 14th, 2005|05:25 pm]
[&--.[Speak |happyhappy]
[AndDestroy.__ |carl cox]

'allo peeps! what a wonderful week it's been up to now.
i'm fxcking knackered but it's still been a great week, though history isn't as fun as i had hoped, it should get better, i just don't like working about on maps. i mean, for christs sake, it's not effin' geography.

yessum. so now i'm sitting in the house waiting for foood, and drinking carling because i'm an alcoholic. i've been drinking every night from saturday...that's not good at all, for a fourteen year old. but who cares. =B i still owe melissa milk, aye. so i might have to get her some on saturday. =D ahah. bless. i love melissa. <3 i've gotta go round to hers again and make chocolate brownies. or we could make cakes or something~~and drink milk at the same time.
i'm so cold it's not even funny anymore. but i do have double art tomorrow so i'm well chuffed about that! O.o after a long think *not even 5 minutes* i've decided that mishtar varley is uber canny. he is full of himself && stuff, but he's canny, no matter what other ppul think. so yeah. and mrs bates isn't all that bad, i mean, i had her for english all last year anyway, she's not bad at all, besides i'm gunna hafta put up with it. caroline hates her. =/ fxck knows why though.
caroline hates everyone though. <3
anyway, yeah. . . .sophie goes on holiday tomorrow :( i'm gunna miss her like woah. :*( she can't leave me to go to greece!! -sob- no! i'll have to update this everyday && make her read it so she knows what she's been missing. :(

on a lighter note...
i'm getting my hair cut tomorrow at half 5!! i kinda know how i want it, but i don't want it as a butch cut, like everyone else has got. i think that i want my fringe thinned, and i want it spikey-ish at the front, 'til it gets to my ears, then i want it noticably shorter at the back which is gunna get backcombed. oh yeah. =B
then when i have money i'll be dying it again. -nods-

and now i have nothing to ramble on about, i could ramble on about how quinny broke his hip but that gets me thinking and i don't want to think. all i know is that i still really like him, and i was going to tell him yesterday, but i thought that it would be the last thing he wanted to hear besides breaking his hip. soooo.yeah.

tatty byes!!
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i can't imagine how hard it must be to be you. [Sep. 11th, 2005|09:41 pm]
[AndDestroy.__ |mcr - the ghost of you]

hello there mister journal!! i'm so very merry!! && i have officially given up on VampireFreaks because it's shat. and now i have lots of art work to do already. anyway, teehee. saturday = okay. =/ haha i can't remember much to be honest, well, during thee day--i went around pubs && stuffs. i'm going to twist nezt week, hawhaw.
aye. so anyway, i went to stevens on le night-time with him && craig, we thought that anna would be coming over too, but it proved she was sleeping at sawahs. i kept getting stuck to anna when i hugged her, hawhaw; fun. anyway, yeah, we went back to my house and then i got my stuff to sleep at stevenssss. we didn't get to sleep until like, god knows when. well.....haha. anywayyy!
we watched the spawn of chucky or whatever and hellraiser 6. steven && craig = mean. haha, they know i don't like the dark or scary movies but they STILL EFFIN' SCARED ME. then i was like, 'i wanna sleep in the hidey place thing!' 'cause steven has this place behind all his cupboards && stuff, well funky. haha, but i was like 'I CAN'T SLEEEEP' so i went and talked to steven. craig was asleep, we were gunna draw on his face but he woke up. we just looked at him to say 'what?' -- haha.
then after that i made steven put the light back on 'cause i wanted to sleep around them 'cause i'd get all scared and stuff. haha, so yeah. then steven stole my duvet, so i was gunna sleep on the bed. then steven was like RAAH and pestered me. then he was all tired and i was blabbering on about fuck knows. haha. then eventually i was like 'I CAN'T SLEEP LIKE THIS' so i slept next to craig. so yeah.
hawhaw. fun. aye ;]
anyway. Hahaha. O_O
...=] steven woke us up at silly o clock. i was most unhappy. so i pretended i was asleep for a while--and failed.
steven; 'chloe, you awake?'
me; 'NO! SOD OFF!'
...so yeah. then my blankets got stolen. AGAIN.
blah blah boring blahhh.
we watched LEATHERFACE!! =O
haha. then...i can't remember. yay!! i sang for ages though. then.gtmbfhjgtr i went home.
errrm. so yeah. i'm at momlets hosue soon.
OHMYGOD i've jsut realised how rushed the endings of my journal entries are haha. double IT tomorrow. goodness. i just cannot contain the exitement. pe should be amusing. oh yeah. haha, loony grrlies running around. =B haha. hope no perverts read this. -twitch- so yeah. then i have...TEXTILES!! well chuffed 'bout that. i have to wait until thurs & fri for art--but tis doubles. AYE. i rule.

gjvrhjgvf4rjhgt. got a new bracelet!! a cat collar! hawhaw, tis black and velvety && it has a bell.


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