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i can't imagine how hard it must be to be you. - &-/.-[IAmHollywood] [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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i can't imagine how hard it must be to be you. [Sep. 11th, 2005|09:41 pm]
[AndDestroy.__ |mcr - the ghost of you]

hello there mister journal!! i'm so very merry!! && i have officially given up on VampireFreaks because it's shat. and now i have lots of art work to do already. anyway, teehee. saturday = okay. =/ haha i can't remember much to be honest, well, during thee day--i went around pubs && stuffs. i'm going to twist nezt week, hawhaw.
aye. so anyway, i went to stevens on le night-time with him && craig, we thought that anna would be coming over too, but it proved she was sleeping at sawahs. i kept getting stuck to anna when i hugged her, hawhaw; fun. anyway, yeah, we went back to my house and then i got my stuff to sleep at stevenssss. we didn't get to sleep until like, god knows when. well.....haha. anywayyy!
we watched the spawn of chucky or whatever and hellraiser 6. steven && craig = mean. haha, they know i don't like the dark or scary movies but they STILL EFFIN' SCARED ME. then i was like, 'i wanna sleep in the hidey place thing!' 'cause steven has this place behind all his cupboards && stuff, well funky. haha, but i was like 'I CAN'T SLEEEEP' so i went and talked to steven. craig was asleep, we were gunna draw on his face but he woke up. we just looked at him to say 'what?' -- haha.
then after that i made steven put the light back on 'cause i wanted to sleep around them 'cause i'd get all scared and stuff. haha, so yeah. then steven stole my duvet, so i was gunna sleep on the bed. then steven was like RAAH and pestered me. then he was all tired and i was blabbering on about fuck knows. haha. then eventually i was like 'I CAN'T SLEEP LIKE THIS' so i slept next to craig. so yeah.
hawhaw. fun. aye ;]
anyway. Hahaha. O_O
...=] steven woke us up at silly o clock. i was most unhappy. so i pretended i was asleep for a while--and failed.
steven; 'chloe, you awake?'
me; 'NO! SOD OFF!'
...so yeah. then my blankets got stolen. AGAIN.
blah blah boring blahhh.
we watched LEATHERFACE!! =O
haha. then...i can't remember. yay!! i sang for ages though. then.gtmbfhjgtr i went home.
errrm. so yeah. i'm at momlets hosue soon.
OHMYGOD i've jsut realised how rushed the endings of my journal entries are haha. double IT tomorrow. goodness. i just cannot contain the exitement. pe should be amusing. oh yeah. haha, loony grrlies running around. =B haha. hope no perverts read this. -twitch- so yeah. then i have...TEXTILES!! well chuffed 'bout that. i have to wait until thurs & fri for art--but tis doubles. AYE. i rule.

gjvrhjgvf4rjhgt. got a new bracelet!! a cat collar! hawhaw, tis black and velvety && it has a bell.



From: dionysus_
2005-09-11 10:29 pm (UTC)
Tee hee.
Sounds like you had a rather good ol' time at Mr Stevie's.
Yessh indeedy.
Anna was at mine & we watched music channels.
Then I wanted to watch Monster trucks.
But Anna just complained, called me a man.
Then offered me a beer.
The meanie.
I heart Monster Twucks<3
Like woah<33.
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