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tonight i'm gunna give you all my love in the b a c k s e a t - &-/.-[IAmHollywood] [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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tonight i'm gunna give you all my love in the b a c k s e a t [Sep. 14th, 2005|05:25 pm]
[&--.[Speak |happyhappy]
[AndDestroy.__ |carl cox]

'allo peeps! what a wonderful week it's been up to now.
i'm fxcking knackered but it's still been a great week, though history isn't as fun as i had hoped, it should get better, i just don't like working about on maps. i mean, for christs sake, it's not effin' geography.

yessum. so now i'm sitting in the house waiting for foood, and drinking carling because i'm an alcoholic. i've been drinking every night from saturday...that's not good at all, for a fourteen year old. but who cares. =B i still owe melissa milk, aye. so i might have to get her some on saturday. =D ahah. bless. i love melissa. <3 i've gotta go round to hers again and make chocolate brownies. or we could make cakes or something~~and drink milk at the same time.
i'm so cold it's not even funny anymore. but i do have double art tomorrow so i'm well chuffed about that! O.o after a long think *not even 5 minutes* i've decided that mishtar varley is uber canny. he is full of himself && stuff, but he's canny, no matter what other ppul think. so yeah. and mrs bates isn't all that bad, i mean, i had her for english all last year anyway, she's not bad at all, besides i'm gunna hafta put up with it. caroline hates her. =/ fxck knows why though.
caroline hates everyone though. <3
anyway, yeah. . . .sophie goes on holiday tomorrow :( i'm gunna miss her like woah. :*( she can't leave me to go to greece!! -sob- no! i'll have to update this everyday && make her read it so she knows what she's been missing. :(

on a lighter note...
i'm getting my hair cut tomorrow at half 5!! i kinda know how i want it, but i don't want it as a butch cut, like everyone else has got. i think that i want my fringe thinned, and i want it spikey-ish at the front, 'til it gets to my ears, then i want it noticably shorter at the back which is gunna get backcombed. oh yeah. =B
then when i have money i'll be dying it again. -nods-

and now i have nothing to ramble on about, i could ramble on about how quinny broke his hip but that gets me thinking and i don't want to think. all i know is that i still really like him, and i was going to tell him yesterday, but i thought that it would be the last thing he wanted to hear besides breaking his hip. soooo.yeah.

tatty byes!!

[User Picture]From: christieord90
2005-09-14 05:10 pm (UTC)

isnt he?

yeah hes full of himself but he kinda has a right to considering hes a big sex abombination
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[User Picture]From: astrozombies__
2005-09-17 12:48 am (UTC)
Butch cut.
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