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NOMMMMMMMMMM - &-/.-[IAmHollywood] [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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NOMMMMMMMMMM [Sep. 23rd, 2005|06:31 pm]
[&--.[Speak |optimisticmerrryyy!]
[AndDestroy.__ |ritchie hawtin]

welllll rawr.
hawhaw, today = fun. art = awesome. i love art. mr lynch is rad. i don't think that many ppul in muh art class actually need to be taking this course, like samia, i mean, no offence but she's like..not very understanding of this whole art thing. i'm not exactly a 'swot' or anything but i mean; christ.
ANYWAY. i've got an english assignment to do. maths homework. and art work to do. yay. and probably more but i don't care about that. aye.
omgggggg maths is shat and i hate it. sarah ironside = uber canny. we just don't know our times tables. hawhaw. eeeh..art..as i said, was awesome. science was okay and mister varley had to set up our circuit because me and katie don't know anything. but he did it because we figured it out ourselves yesterday. yayy :] and then yeah. he's uber canny, i don't pure geet love him or owt like christie, but he's way canny. aye. <3
AND ENGLISH was rad. i told mrs bates i got attacked by a toothbrush this morning. lol. she likes my in the life in a day of assignment thing though. I GOT AN A!!! YAYYY
i'm so happy.
aaaand walking home was so fucking funnnny. hahaha. i've not laughed so much in a while.
christie & jamie = radness of the universe. <3
and that was a reakl short entry but i'm going soon.

[User Picture]From: christieord90
2005-09-23 07:53 pm (UTC)

and yeah me and jamie rock.

and im so modest

love to my brutha from antoher mutha! kinda.
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